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Geezam.com wins Best Technology Blog at Jamaica Blog Awards

Geezam.com was started in December 2009 as an online oasis for technology, video game and web-related news from a source based in the Caribbean. Three years later Geezam.com is a leading blog in the region with a team of writers covering various tech topics and sharing their knowledge.


We have worked hard over the years and have been rewarded with our first award. Geezam.com has won Best Technology Blog at the 2012 staging of the Jamaica Blog Awards. From the entire Geezam.com team I’d like to say thank you and stay tuned for more to come here on Geezam as we bring you more web news, video games and gadgets!


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Kelroy is an internet junkie, technology advocate, avid gamer and Jamaican Blogger who envisioned Geezam.com as a Caribbean based technology blog offering a more global view of technology topics. Follow his tech related ramblings and stay in touch via Twitter @Geezam