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Samsung Galaxy S6 unleashes a “Gold Fever”

Golden Years Historically, gold has been both in vogue and obsolete. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, an era known for hoop earrings, heavy gold necklaces and powerful shoulder pads, that gold really had its chance to shine. Today, after more than two decades in

Geezam - Why Blu-Ray Disc Association’s Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs means it’s Home Theatre Upgrade Time - 15-05-2015 LHDEER

Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs means it’s Home Theatre Upgrade Time

Jamaicans are facing a lengthly Summer without possibly nineteen (19) Cable channels. This as BCJ (Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica) has asked some forty nine (49) Cable operators to cease and desist broadcasting them by Sunday May 31st 2015,  as they’ve not been paying the US Content Providers.


Samsung NX1 wins 10th TIPA award

Samsung seems to on a roll when it come to being awarded for innovation in their various products especially photo and imaging technology like eighty (80) Innovation Awards won by Samsung at CES 2015 as reported in Samsung’s win record CES 2015 Innovation Awards. Saturday


Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition expands your Galaxy

Another surprise from the recently concluded MWC (Mobile World Conference) that Samsung has chose to unleashed upon the world is their commitment to VR (Virtual Reality) with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Innovator Edition. This latest update to the original Samsung Galaxy