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Is Netflix a Netjoke?

Netflix have been made available to the Caribbean and Latin America for almost a year now since its initial release from September 5-12 and I must say the collection made available is a bit shabby well in a way it’s a bit of a disrespect, if one connects to Netflix via a Caribbean IP in my case a Jamaican IP, the collection of movies and TV shows are about 95% of out dated content (and that is my optimistic figure).

I find this strange because Jamaica has access to several American TV stations via FLOW and many of the countries citizens often keep up with the most up to date of TV shows and the same goes for movies, even in some rare cases Jamaican cinema theaters air some movies before America even airs them (as I stated this is a rare occasion) but for the most part we usually air the movies on the same date or a little after it is released in America. So I am a bit mind boggled why the movies and TV shows issued to us are so dated for the most part. Is it that the Caribbean is suppose to be so far behind the rest of the world that we should be happy with the selection offered to us?   Or is it that we are so backwards that these movies and TV shows would be new to us and thus it should be entertaining to the average Caribbean folk?  So what exactly is it Netflix?

Anyway I was never interested in these online TV series and movie sites but when I bought my Laptop it came with a month free trial so I gave it a shot (hey it was free, why not?) the initial stages Netflix tries to get a feel of you as a consumer asking you your different genres of interest which I take it was to narrow down what it would recommend as the type of content that I would like to see e.g. I ticked nothing that had to do with horror (my imagination is a bit too powerful for my own good) so I would have been surprised well more like disappointed if I saw any horror titles after I went through such a detailed filtering process, separate from that there seems to also be a slight intelligence system that monitors what you are watching and then in turn recommends other movie or TV show titles which are similar and thus which you may also enjoy.

The interface is attractive your genres of interest titles are above and below them are pictures of the titles as you slide to the right you see more titles of that genre and if you hover over the the picture you get a small synopsis of the title and an option to read even more about the title as well as information such as how many episodes or season if it’s a TV shows.  Then there is the more detailed way of searching to the top left (this is where one could go dig up some horrors if that was so their interest) by things like genre, new arrivals and for the parents out there a section for children friendly titles, etc… this is where you can narrow down specifically what you want to be viewed e.g. Drama then Drama can be broken down into sub genre like “Medical Drama” this is of course where titles like “House” is King. If not one can search using a search bar via title to the top right (this is also where your account information and help is located) don’t expect too much from it though it could use some work in regards to how accurate it is and how how many hits it gives you for a relatively simple search request, it would have been nice if one could search by actor/actresses name also but that is not that big of deal.

To me it’s more of just an overall lack of content that could be due to the regional restrictions because new titles (there are very, very, very few on it) as well as even old classics e.g. Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard etc…. (and if they were there I sure could not find them) are not available I’m not sure how Netflix decides what to have or what not to or what dictates what they have access to content wise but I think it’s more than just a bit limited.  Overall for those looking to watch some of the old titles and TV shows from the yester years Netflix is one to consider but overall as a source that should be an online movie and TV show database to me it leaves much to be desired.

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