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Claro Jamaica to get the Axe from Digicel come March 1st

So much for operating two separate networks. It has been revealed that Claro’s network in Jamaica will be shut down come March 1st 2012. Meetings are already being planned with the office of Utility Regulations and the new Minister with responsibility for telecommunications Phillip Paulwell as they try to


America Movil – Digicel Jamaica swap is Final

Fans of all things Telecoms, the deal of the Decade is now final and official. The ink has dried on the swap orchestrated by Digicel Group due to its declining APRU (Average Revenue per User) for Voice Calling has now been finalized, with word coming

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Jamaica Observer Cartoon on Digicel’s purchase of Claro vs LIME

The Jamaica Observer editorial cartoon for today (March 17th 2011) puts a comical and biblical  twist on Digicel Jamaica”s recent acquisition of competitor Claro Jamaica by illustrating the combined might of Claro and Digicel as Goliath and LIME Jamaica as David. will have more on this acquisition and

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A message to LIME Jamaica

This is more than a message to LIME, it is a letter, a letter of final plea to the former telecoms monopoly of Jamaica. This plea is more from the people of Jamaica than it is from a single individual, it represent the views of