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Get Smart 101: Tips for Smart Social Media Sharing

Everything on the internet is NOT true. Bombshell? Hardly. But everyday I scroll through my timeline I am overwhelmed with the urge to make those words my cover photo as a desperate reminder to some of my FB connections because time after time I encounter, as


Tips and Tricks on how to make your computer run faster

Emancipate yourself from Mental slavery None but ourselves can Free our minds Excerpt from the Song Redemption Song from the Album Exodus by Bob Marley It’s Tuesday August 6th 2013. Happy Independence Day dear reader when you read this! Your snail of a computer is

How to use WhatsApp on your Computer as Instant Messaging trumps Texting in the US and the Developing World

How to use WhatsApp on your Computer

WhatsApp is hot. Red hot. So hot it’s even hotter than Twitter, clocking more than 200 million unique users per month  as of April 2013 according to WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. That’s way more than Twitter, which hit that speedbump waaaay back in December 2012,