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Google+ to get Vanity URLs… Finally

Another piece of the missing Google+ puzzle is set for release – Vanity URLs. Technically it has already been released, but only for “a limited number of verified profiles and pages”, the rest of us non verified or big named peons will just have to wait until Google


Google+ User Interface gets a Refreshing Overhaul

Google+ appeared on the social networking scene almost a year ago and Google has been making steady upgrades since. In the biggest change since launch Google+ has scene it’s user interface being overhauled and a new customizable ribbon added to the left of the page


Google+ Pages finally goes live

The different peices of Google+ are starting to come together more and more. It’s invite only beta preview came in June, the android app followed in July, casual games arrived in August and most recently Google did the invitable and married the +1 button and


Google Reader gets a Facelift and Google+ Integration

The “Google+ization” of many of Google’s services continue, the newest convert is Google Reader. Gmail and Google Calender has recently seen user interface revamps and in a effort to standardize the “Google” look Reader has been given some similar tweaks and has had it’s sharing options plugged


Google unplugs Buzz as it shifts completely to Google+

Google Vice President Bradley Horowitz, one of the main Googlers behind Google+ and in a post on the official Google Blog entitled “A fall sweep” he pulled the plug or signalled the death of a number of Google products, the major one being Google Buzz.


Google finally Marries +1 Button and Google+

Google has made a not so surprising announcement via their blog that they will be allowing +1 button users to share webpages with their circles, directly from the +1 button. The +1 although very important before because of how it affect search engine ranking just became a whole lot more important


Facebook snags a couple Google+ features in recent update

The brainiacs behind Facebook though they will not publicly admit it has been keeping an eye on Google+. Every since Google’s new social networking site (and Facebook competitor) was unveiled just under two months ago users have praised some many of it’s features such as selecting who sees which updates,