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iOS 6: Sign of Apple Stumbling?

I am surrounded by Apple products daily; an iMac, an iPad 2 and an iPhone. I use the iPad 2 the most and have grown to appreciate it’s benefits when compared to a traditional laptop or desktop computer. One of the things that gets to


Steve Jobs: The Man of Millennium 2, Decade 1

I have been an arch critic of Steve Jobs and Apple on a whole, this stance was in it’s own right a byproduct of my former loyalty to Nokia and Symbian. Steve Jobs and Apple in my late admission, have been the force behind, both

Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting now available for iOS devices

Monster Hunter is a very popular series by Capcom that debuted on the Playstation 2 in 2002. It has undergone various subtle changes over the years in various incarnations but the basic premise is that it has players exploring a fantasy world, completing quests, hunting and capturing

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Usain Bolt Gold iPod Touch

Three-time Olympic gold medalist and triple world record holder Usain Bolt now has his own limited edition Apple iPod Touch. The “Usain Bolt Gold iPod” is embellished in 24ct. hardened gold and all of the 500 units that will be produced comes complete with a