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eezam - US Engineering Jobs for Jamaican and Why Technology Companies are Seeking Engineers  - 19-04-2015 LHDEER (2)

Why Technology Companies are Seeking Engineers

If you read my article Google voted Best American Employer of 2015, you’d have realized that Google was voted America’s technology sector employer. This ringing endorsement comes to thanks to a poll conducted by analyst Statista on behalf of Financial Magazine Forbes. But aside from


Steve Jobs: The Man of Millennium 2, Decade 1

I have been an arch critic of Steve Jobs and Apple on a whole, this stance was in it’s own right a byproduct of my former loyalty to Nokia and Symbian. Steve Jobs and Apple in my late admission, have been the force behind, both

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Technology Pioneer and Entrepreneur Steve Jobs dies aged 56

Steve Jobs died on Wednesday October 5 from complications related to pancreatic cancer from which he had been suffering from for years. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors of his time with a long list of successes spanning decades such as the Apple

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Apple iPad 2 ups the tablet game

The iPad 2 has been on the lips of almost every technology enthusiast for many weeks as Apple officially announced that there was going to be an event on March 2nd. The tech blogosphere was already filled with hundreds of blogposts about rumours pertaining the