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CCleaner – Keep your Computer Optimized and Sparkling

CCleaner is one program I believe should be installed on every Windows computer. CCleaner is a diagnostic utility software that helps computer users keep their computer running properly which in turn protects their privacy and keeps your computer from slowing down or crashing. The average computer


Steve Jobs: The Man of Millennium 2, Decade 1

I have been an arch critic of Steve Jobs and Apple on a whole, this stance was in it’s own right a byproduct of my former loyalty to Nokia and Symbian. Steve Jobs and Apple in my late admission, have been the force behind, both

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Defying The Apple Gods: Jamaica and The App Store

Remember that promise I made to you about an extensive post on Apple’s App Store and what its like living in Jamaica? Bah, me neither. Can I benefit from the App Store? There was an era some time ago where any human being that existed outside of

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Seagate GoFlex Slim – the Anorexic External Hard Drive

The GoFlex Slim is being touted by Seagate as the “World’s Slimmiest” hard drive. The 320 GB solid state external hard drive measures in at 4.91- x 3.07- x 0.35-inches and weighs only 0.4 pounds. Slimness it’s not the only feature the GoFlex Slim boasts as