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Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play as of Today

BioWare™, a studio of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), and LucasArts announced today that the new, Free-to-Play option for the critically-acclaimed, massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live. Now players can experience the complete storylines of all eight iconic Star Wars classes, all the way


An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online

The massively multiplayer online roleplaying game genre has been a hotbed of big name and highly anticipated releases lately. The latest to enter the spotlight is The Elder Scrolls Online a MMORPG. Announced earlier this year ESO promises to bring everything that it’s single player Elder Scrolls titles


First Impressions of Guild Wars 2

I pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 in mid April after following its development over many months. After playing a couple of the betas I grew to like the game more and more as I started to believe in Arenanet’s vision of an MMO without the “trinity”


Guild Wars 2 – Official Launch on August 28th

Guild Wars 2 one of the most anticipated video games of 2012 finally has a release date. Come August 28th, 2012 millions are expected to flood into the world of Tyria with those who pre-order the game getting a 3 day head start. I have


Vindictus – Free to Play Action MMORPG

So Nexon has screwed us all again. The Dragon update is out and it’s not working on the East server; as in hardly anyone can enter. Things have been going downhill in this game for a while(more pay2win), but this is beyond stupid now. Four


Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2 starting April 10th

Guild Wars 2 is easily the most anticipated new massively multiplayer online role-playing game of 2012. A lot of buzz has been built up around NCSoft’s sequel to the original Guild Wars. Over a million players signed up for the opportunity to be a part of Guild Wars 2’s