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Filter Your Words, Not Just Your Photos

#Riverton. Since that fateful day when once again flames engulfed the Riverton Dump the usually robust Jamaican social media space was once again a buzz with over 17,000 tweets going out between March 10th and April 5th 2015 (stats courtesy of Topsy Analytics). Thousands of


Get Smart 101: Tips for Smart Social Media Sharing

Everything on the internet is NOT true. Bombshell? Hardly. But everyday I scroll through my timeline I am overwhelmed with the urge to make those words my cover photo as a desperate reminder to some of my FB connections because time after time I encounter, as


Create your own Custom Email Address with Zoho Mail

In one of my previous articles, I provided instructions on how to set-up an email address using a custom domain with So instead of providing your business email as, you would instead provide it as The latter option provides a more “business-professional”